Podcast 2: Why are you a Writer?

Podcast 2: Why are you a Writer?

Welcome to the 2nd. Podcast of the series Books and Writers in Promocave if you love to write or books you’re on the right place. Why do you write? Learn with Jorge the motivation behind writing and learn where to find inspiration to write whatever is your preference: your book, characters, villains, etc.

Please send your history what motivates you to write why you’re a writer? Send us your history to [email protected] with the title “Podcast 2: Why are your a writer” and if you want an interview send your contact information so we can get in touch.

  1. […] Podcast 2: Why are you a Writer? Welcome to the 2nd. Podcast of the series Books and Writers in Promocave if you love to write or books you're on the right place.  […]

  2. Jeff Vanek 3 years ago

    You have an interesting podcast and would be honored to participate if what I can share will help you. I am not sure what additional information you wold like, but I am very happy to provide you with whatever information that would help you in your decision process to select guests for the podcast. How could I, as a guest, help you achieve your mission and goals? I look forward to hearing back from you.

    Jeff Vanek

    • Profile photo of Enrique
      Enrique 3 years ago

      Thanks Jeff we receive your email, we will look at the information and get in touch, meanwhile you can submit an article to our blog 😉 so you can start getting free promotion.

    • Profile photo of Jorge Olson
      Jorge Olson 3 years ago

      Hi Jeff,

      Yes, we love guests on the podcast. People get tired of my voice!

      Guest talk about their books, their experience as writers and how books and writing fits in their life. We cover a specific topic during the podcast and guests talk about that topic as well.

      Will speak with you soon!


      Jorge Olson

  3. Jospeh E. Bishop 3 years ago

    Hello Gorge,
    My name is Joseph E. Bishop and last fall I had self published an eBook titled: “AND BLOOD TOUCHES BLOOD: Signs & Symbols” on Amazon.com (http://amzn.com/B00MOZN8QW ). This is a fictional crime/thriller novel with over 109,000 words. Currently I have been working on a sequel and hope to have a run at a continuous series.
    I had recently started listening to your Promocave podcasts and I found them interesting, thought provoking and enlightening. So much so, I felt compelled to submit my response to podcast #2 as to why I was a writer. And hopefully this will encourage those writers that are shying away from their future as writers just because of the unknown.
    First of all, my reasons for becoming a writer are not what most people may think they would be. I write out of compulsion. There were no expectations, no thoughts of making a fortune, or thoughts of fame, just an idea in the back of my head that I seem to be drawn too. I have a need to express myself, my thoughts, and my emotions. This was when I was about 13 years old and began teaching myself how to write songs.
    I felt most drawn to genres of mystery, true crime, and suspense and thriller stories. This is where my experience was as a police officer and investigator in real life. This area is where I am most comfortable, most knowledgeable, and what I am the most passionate about. I wanted to be able to show the intricacy, the methodology of being an investigator. I wanted my readers to experience the excitement of police investigations. I wanted to place my readers in the shoes of the investigator and allow them to feel like they were taking part in the investigation.
    The other part that pushed me to be a writer was the ability to influence a person’s senses. Back when I was a musician and song writer I learned that I could influence a person’s response to my music. Not only by the way I produced and performed music but the words I used for the lyrics as well. The words that I used could stimulate senses and trigger emotions.
    I felt challenged to create a real life setting in my story. This I drew from my own life experiences and my own feelings and emotions. The next thing I knew it was two years and 110,000 words later.
    Another reason I began writing was to be able to share my experiences with others and be a positive influence on the industry. That being said, if you would like to engage with me in a podcast discussion please feel free to contact me anytime, I’ll always be at your disposal.
    Cordially yours,
    Joseph E. Bishop

    • Profile photo of Jorge Olson
      Jorge Olson 3 years ago

      Hello Joseph,

      Thanks for the great response.

      Writing out of compulsion? That’s an awesome reason to write. It’s great that you write music and long form. 110,000 is a lot of words. Don’t forget to upload your book here on Promocave so we can promote it.

      Let me know what other topics you would like me to cover on my next podcasts and I’ll do my best to explore them.
      Keep on writing!

      Jorge S. Olson

  4. Joanne Lecuyer 3 years ago

    I started writing a few years ago, I think, to finally set the little girl free that grew up too fast!
    I feel so much lighter and have to smile when I write my positive fantasy chapter books for kids (7-10).
    I work with various illustrators who bring my books to life. Each image is like a gift.
    This is an age group that I think need to read more books that are fun and, inspire their imagination and creativity.
    I also enjoy doing writing workshops with kids I the hope to inspire readers and future writers and illustrators.

  5. Janet 2 years ago

    I have to say I enjoy your podcasts very very much. They are very interesting. I have always been a journal writer as a little girl. Then as I got older I loved to take writing classes. When I found my biological family my girlfriend said for as much as you love to write why don’t you write a book about your life, it is so interesting. That is how I actually started on my journey of writing my first book. I have now written my first novel and it is being edited. Working on my next one as we speak. Writing relaxes me and is very enjoyable for me. I love to formalize a story and watch it grow. Also it takes me to another world so it is a escape from my ordinary life. Keep up the wonderful podcasts too.

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