Books and Writers Podcast

Books and Writers Podcast

Books and Writers Podcast with Jorge S. Olson from

Books and Writers podcast explores the life of book and book authors. You’ll explore topics such as what it takes to write books, how to write them, and the life that occurs around a writer.  You’ll hear from Jorge and what he goes through as a writer as well as interviews with other aspiring and seasoned authors.  You’ll learn about how they write, how much they write, how they publish and even how they market and sell books.  The podcast will also explore topics and questions from listeners such as self-publishing, landing an agent, finding editors, writing styles, and more.

We’ll huddle here once per week, sometimes twice a week, so join Jorge’s group of more than 150,000 writers on We also have up to 3 million views and interactions daily on social media.  Have questions or would like to request an author interview or topic? Email us at


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